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SAfeEx Cloud

Empowers team collaboration and productivity

Start optimizing your inspection and maintenance processes by eliminating redundant tasks. 

Ready to start increasing your team’s performance?

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Increase performance

Maximize asset integrity and optimize production

Easily locate, relocate and identify equipment

Operate efficiently, automatically schedule maintenance operations

Configurable to adapt to your specific needs

Implementation process facilitated by an experienced team 

Why SafeEx

SafeEx Cloud

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Complicated routines made simple

Rooted in Ex, SafeEx has branched to many industries.

SafeEx Cloud is a flexible and configurable solution that facilitates your inspection and maintenance operations. Our solution is designed to be effortlessly adaptable to your needs and ways of working, regardless of your particular industry. 

Make your routines, configure your procedures, schedule your maintenance, manage your registry, capture and monitor defects. Stay vigilant with the SafeEx Cloud.

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Service & Support

Get the most out of SafeEx Cloud

Our team can help you get comfortable with SafeEx Cloud, so you can focus on improving overall accuracy and optimizing your productivity.

Become an expert. We offer optional certification depending on the roles of the user.

Learn more about SafeEx Service & Support.

REST Application Programming Interface

Connect your own IT system with SafeEx

Start saving time and get instant updates on all inspection and maintenance activities performed on equipment. Use the SafeEx REST API to connect your other systems.

Need details? We have experts ready to help you.

Stories and Case Studies

Case study

Assessing the impact of SafeEx Cloud on safety, compliance, productivity, and cost onboard an FPSO

Case study

Maximising the efficiency of Serica Energy Ex maintenance operations by implementing SafeEx Cloud

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