• Digitize your
    inspection and maintenance

  • Increase quality
    and efficiency of your production

  • promote accountability
    by increasing transparency

  • successfully avoid catastrophes


“We estimate the digital toolkit can save more than $10M annually.”

Troels Albrechtsen, Vice President for Corporate Technology & Projects

“The SafeEx software is very user-friendly and provides complete and comprehensive information of Ex equipment installed at our Yetagun facilities.

In addition, its performance is reliable and suitable to our routine Ex equipment inspection as SafeEx not only reduces the use of man-hours but also improves safety by providing a full and easy overview of the condition of our Ex equipment installed on our Yetagun installation.

– Mr. Aung Soe Min, Manager (Facilities Studies) Reliability Integrity Engineering Department

“I can confirm that we have doubled the output to around 30 inspections (from 15) per day. At this point, Michael Bowd is still heavily involved in system implementation and planning, but we suspect once we have tagged the full facility, we will reduce the required EEHA Manning each year by half.”

– Lee Hughes, Managing Director

“Safeex has impressed me with their can-do attitude that they have shown each time we’ve approached them, especially when it came to tailoring their system to meet our specific needs.”

– Garry  Walls, Technical Leader Operations Preparations


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