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Maintaining Compliance with
IEC 60079-17

Overview: Safety is an integral part of every activity, project, and workplace situated in hazardous areas. The challenging nature of work in such conditions requires the establishment of protocols and safety measures. In high-speed environments like offshore rigs, regulatory standards such as IEC 60079-17 are seamlessly integrated into every aspect of operations.

What is IEC 60079-17?

IEC 60079-17 is an international standard that provides foolproof rules for the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment in areas where explosive atmospheres may be present. Specifically, it focuses on the inspection and maintenance of electrical installations in hazardous locations where flammable gases or combustible dusts could pose a risk.

The standard emphasizes the importance of regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and documentation to guarantee the ongoing safety of electrical installations in explosive atmospheres. Adherence to these guidelines helps organizations and individuals mitigate the risks associated with such environments and promotes a secure working environment.

SafeEx Cloud, as a solution, can play a crucial role in 

addressing and streamlining tasks related to IEC 60079-17 compliance. 

Here’s how:


In short, SafeEx is a helpful tool that uses digital solutions to make following IEC 60079-17 rules easier. It organizes hazardous zones, makes sure data plates are correct, automates maintenance checks, helps with detailed documentation, and gives real-time updates on compliance.

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