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Who we are

SafeEx is your digitization partner for smart maintenance. Our software solution for inspection and maintenance helps you reimagine your operational maintenance strategies.

We have come a long way since 2009 when we began specializing in inspection of explosion-proof electrical equipment, primarily in the oil and gas industry. Today, our multipurpose solution transforms and optimizes all types of planned maintenance routines (PM) and supports a variety of industries such as oil and gas, power and utilities, manufacturing, renewable energy and pharmaceutical industries. 

We shape the future of minimizing paper waste, lowering injury statistics and avoiding downtime, and we lead the way towards a much more efficient, transparent and safer way of running operations

what we do

SafeEx’s goal is to rewrite and optimize every aspect of traditional processes of maintenance and inspection routines. We aim to design an exciting visual and logical experience for users via specialized software that can easily be accessed from smartphones and tablets. SafeEx’s mobile maintenance software allows our customers around the world to record field data as well as to manage assets in real-time. This results in a leaner and smarter way to operate and maintain assets and equipment. Our software enables a predictive approach to maintenance, transforming traditional manual processes and ensuring improved efficiency, quality and safety in day to day operations. 

SafeEx digital transformation has helped our management level users improve strategic decision-making and increase worker productivity and has had a positive impact on health, safety and the environment (HSE). Companies that have integrated SafeEx have improved staff safety through early detection of critical level equipment to avoid workers facing hazardous situations. 

The SafeEx team works hard every day to improve operations that involve humans and strives to inspire corporate progress across the globe.

what we deliver

SafeEx delivers a complete mobile and web solution that allows you to collect, analyze and share data-driven insight of your assets in a completely secure way. SafeEx clouds and stores field data according to ISO 27001 certified standards. It provides management with an overview of all activities and a full audit trail of maintenance and inspection history, and allows them to predict trends, plan ahead and assign new tasks.

Pairing the web system with SafeEx mobile technologies adds a new level of connected intelligence to operations. SafeEx’s mobile app together with smart devices – approved for Zone 1 and 2 – constitute an entirely new visual experience, providing you with a unique way to record and view data. Deploying the mobile application in combination with RFID tags makes assets smart and their movements visible. In this way you get valuable data-driven insights that help you automate the process of smarter maintenance. This will ultimately have a far-reaching impact on productivity and operations. 

core values


We aim to be honest and straightforward towards each other and towards our clients. 


We prioritize staying united as a whole and practice trust and respect towards each other despite our differences.


We appreciate devotion to the company, practice it with our clients and expect the same in return. 


We value competency and skills but also provide an encouraging environment for improvement.

core team

René Larsen

CEO of SafeEx

“As a chief engineer with an MBA, I’ve spent my entire career working within the Marine as well as the Oil and Gas industry. 

At SafeEx, my responsibility is to guide and motivate my employees while maintaining a sustainable working environment but also making sure that we follow the given Strategy and are on our way towards reaching our Mission and Vision.

Besides that, I also enjoy having close contact with our global clients and partners as I believe in open cooperation where problems are solved with transparency and integrity.”

Jesper Heinemeier

CTO of SafeEX

“I love technology and I have an urge to know all about how stuff works.

Despite my professional background as an electrician, I have been deeply invested in computers, mobile devices, and technology in general ever since I can remember.

As a person, my surroundings will find me highly motivated and enthusiastic about what I do as well as a creative curious guy, who isn’t afraid to try out new ideas.

At SafeEx, it is my deed to ensure that our technical team thrives and that our product is designed and developed to the fit of both today and tomorrow.”

Ayshe Kodzhaibryamova

Operations Manager

“One true drive in my life has never changed – exploring new ares, ideas, methods, cultures while celebrating the diffrences i uncover.

At SafeEx I enjoy the flexibility of having two different roles, both of which are closely connected to client satisfaction.

With regard to quality control, my main responsibility is to make sure that our product meets the quality standards that we have set, having in mind the needs of all our clients.

In relation to support, I work hard to ensure that every single issue or inquiry of our clients is addressed properly. I strive for the most effective solution and/or honest and accurate reply that is delivered timely.”

Ebbe Søndergaard

Client Partner Manager

“My passion is to help organizations and people grow. It is what makes me excited, what makes me feel alive and what makes me get up early in the morning. I bring passion, the experience to find the right ideas and a perspective that fuels growth in every unique situation.

I believe growth is driven by a customer-centric approach and the right ideas and open-minded perspectives are essential to be successful.

All my knowledge and experience have been gathered over the last 20 years, with focus on sales, training, and optimization, primarily in the IT sector.

In my spare time I love to spend time with my family and travel to explore the world.”

Jacob Pedersen

Development Manager

“I aspire to accentuate accurate analysis of arguments in order to attain apical achievements.

In other words, my task is to couple the experience and knowledge of our team with the feedback and ideas of our users such that we can provide a solution that bridges the gap between the present and future needs of our clients.

I am an aficionado of language, music, science and the natural world. It’s probably also fair to say that I’m the recalcitrant, class-clown, general jack-of-many-trades that minds neither putting my hands in the nit and gritty nor causing a bit of a ruckus when things get a bit too samey.”

Board Members

Jan Dirk Bokhoven


Claus Falk

chairman of the board and partner

René Larsen

co-founder and partner

Claus Rask Boddum



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