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Maximising the efficiency of Serica Energy Ex maintenance operations by implementing SafeEx Cloud

Overview: This case study looks into successfully implementing the SafeEx Cloud software solution to improve the efficiency and credibility of Ex maintenance operations of Serica Energy, a significant player in the Oil and Gas industry. Sword, Serica’s IT-managed service provider, selected SafeEx Cloud to address challenges in optimising Ex maintenance processes.

Company: Serica Energy
Industry: Oil and Gas
Collaborator: Sword
Solution: SafeEx Cloud Software


The manual (pen and paper) process of capturing and reviewing the inspection was tedious and time-consuming. It presented inaccuracies and data loss risks, as any hard copies of the inspection results could easily be lost or damaged. With the lack of digital records and synchronicity of maintenance results across digital platforms, tracking progress and ensuring accuracy and compliance with industry standards took a lot of work.

“We have found the solution to be reliable, intuitive and extremely effective, especially since it works offline as many areas do not have Wi-Fi connectivity.”


The challenges were addressed by integrating SafeEx Cloud software with other engineering databases. The solution is expected to simplify data collection, improve overall maintenance planning, increase data credibility and implement a more efficient Ex maintenance operation.

Results and benefits

SafeEx Cloud implementation was successful and completed in a short amount of time. As a result, Serica Energy experienced improved efficiency, accuracy, and proof of integrity in its maintenance operations.


“Members of the SafeEx team are always available and helpful, respond promptly to queries, and are open to discussing improvements. All our objectives were met.” 

- Sword -

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Maximising the efficiency of Serica Energy Ex maintenance operations by implementing SafeEx Cloud: Complete Case Study Report