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SafeEx Cloud

Optimize your operations with SafeEx Cloud

Introducing SafeEx Cloud, a game-changer in inspection and maintenance management.

Simplify maintenance procedures and increase performance today with SafeEx Cloud and get all the benefits:

  • Improve Compliance
  • Streamline Inspection Processes
  • Instant and precise Reporting
  • Improve data quality
  • Connect with existing softwares
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX

Book a short demo today and hear why you should revolutionize your operations with SafeEx Cloud in only 5-10 working days.

SafeEx Cloud product overview

Stories and Case Studies

Case study

Assessing the impact of SafeEx Cloud on safety, compliance, productivity, and cost onboard an FPSO

Case study

Maximising the efficiency of Serica Energy Ex maintenance operations by implementing SafeEx Cloud


Equipment Localization

easily locate and relocate equipment

Know the position and status of all your equipment. SafeEx Cloud is equipped with a mapping feature that allows technicians to easily locate and relocate equipment directly on the drawing plan, including access to all information available about the equipment such as documentation, recent changes, and planned activities.

Dynamic Planning

automatically schedule maintenance operations

Automatically schedule corrections and other maintenance operations. Manage work orders, including assigning technicians according to their qualifications. SafeEx Cloud also lets you filter out certain tasks based on set criteria, so you can prioritise tasks accordingly.

Configurable System

a flexible solution adaptable to your ways and needs

SafeEx Cloud is flexible and can be easily configured to precisely fit your needs. Regardless of your industry, you can use the SafeEx Cloud to facilitate your inspection and maintenance operation. Increase performance by using a solution that performs the way you want it.

Simple Implementation

an implementation process facilitated by an experienced team

Implementing SafeEx Cloud is simple. We have a team with years of field experience ready to guide you throughout the implementation process, so you can dive right into performing and managing maintenance operations effectively and efficiently. 

simple implementation

More Features

Detailed reporting

Detailed Reporting

Enhance equipment reports by adding images. Capture real images of issues found during an inspection and provide visual proof of any repairs performed.

Online and Offline icon

Offline Capabilities

SafeEx Cloud can also be used offline, enabling technicians to proceed with their tasks anytime and anywhere even without an internet connection.

Easy to use interface

Easy To Use Interface

Designed by technicians for technicians. SafeEx Cloud has a modern and clean design that makes technicians quickly feel comfortable using it. 

Color-Coded Labels

Color-coded labels provide a quick overview of the equipment condition, threats to safety, and task priority – helping technicians manage their tasks.

Connected documentation icon

Connected Documentation

Get access to the documentation you need at all times. Using only mobile inspection devices, technicians can have access to vital certification, manuals, or schematics that help them complete their tasks. 

Import and export icon

Export and Import

Export and import features that support various file formats. Quickly import your existing data to SafeEx Cloud and start performing your maintenance operations efficiently. 

REST Application Programming Interface

Connect your own IT system with SafeEx

Start saving time and get instant updates on all inspection and maintenance activities performed on equipment. Use the SafeEx REST API to connect your other systems.

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