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SafeEx CaaS

[ Compliance as a Service ]

SafeEx proudly introduces our exclusive turnkey solution, Compliance as a Service (CaaS), redefining how large-scale asset owners and operators digitise equipment and maintenance processes. 

SafeEx CaaS is your total inspection package tailored for large-scale asset owners, covering SafeEx Cloud software setup, hardware, certified specialists & implementation. 

SafeEx CaaS is your guarantee for optimised and compliant operations.

SafeEx CaaS [ Compliance as a Service] is your complete service solution digitizes your assets with SafeEx Cloud software, hardware, and certified technicians.

Complete Solution

SafeEx CaaS includes SafeEx Software, RFID tags, Mobile devices, Inspectors & Supervisors.

Efficient Operations

SafeEx CaaS is your solution for a streamlined, digitalised and centralised asset management system.

Certified Expertise

Benefit from our global network of SafeEx's and our partners certified inspectors and supervisors.

Real-time Compliance Monitoring

SafeEx Cloud allows you to follow compliance level and inspection progress.

Customer Service

CaaS includes dedicated customer support and remote supervision for a controlled process.

Benefits with CaaS

Optimise Compliance

Safeguard against compliance issues by having real-time insights into the compliance status of your assets.

Cost Savings

Experience significant cost reductions (up to 45%) compared to traditional pen-and-paper inspection methods.

RFID-enabled System

Streamline your inspection process by transitioning from manual methods to a digital, RFID-enabled system.

Instant Reporting

Gain valuable insights through optimised reporting, allowing for better decision-making and strategic planning

Data Accuracy

Ensure accurate and up-to-date equipment information with the RFID system, reducing errors associated with manual data entry.

Operational Focus

Shift your focus from managing inspections to enhancing operational efficiency and creating more value for your business.

Reduce Downtime

Speed up the inspection process and reduce downtime with a more efficient and automated system.

Proof of Concept

SafeEx takes full responsibility, providing a successful proof of concept, demonstrating the optimized operations.

Standard Checklists

Disciplines in Oil & Gas

SafeEx CaaS provides standard checklists and seamlessly allows the integration of bespoke checklists.

  • Hazardous Electrical IEC 60079-17
  • Hazardous Non Electrical ISO 80079-36
  • Electrical Installations IEC 60364
  • Your bespoke checklists

SafeEx CaaS | Compliance as a Service

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Fill out the form to book a short demo and get the full insight in how SafeEx CaaS can optimise your operations.

SafeEx CaaS is your total inspection package tailored for large-scale asset owners, covering software, hardware, manpower, and related services.

  • Introduction offer for contracts engaged in 2024
  • Improve compliance
  • Up to 45% cost savings
  • Optimised reporting

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SafeEx CaaS includes

SafeEx CaaS is your complete inspection solution. Our solution includes SafeEx Cloud software, RFID Tags, mobile devices, certified specialists & implementation.

SafeEx Cloud

Ex Inspection Software​

Digitalise your inspections and maintenance with SafeEx Cloud and get all the benefits.​ 

  • Improve Compliance
  • Streamline Inspection Processes
  • Instant and precise Reporting
  • Improve data quality
  • Connect with existing softwares
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX

SafeEx wil handle the full integration of SafeEx Cloud. 



SafeEx ATEX & IECEx certified RFID tags offer instant equipment identification, ensuring accuracy, proof of presence and minimized errors.

  • Instant identification of equipment
  • Data accuracy, eliminate mistakes
  • Operating in harsh environments
RFID tags and QR codes for Ex inspections - silmplify your maintenance with SafeEx Cloud - Ex Inspection in Oil & Gas


Ex Mobile devices

Our CaaS solution includes rental of Ex-approved mobile devices and tablets ensuring flexibility and compliance for your maintenance and inspection process. 

  • Zone 1 and 2 Approved
  • All-risk insurance
  • Communication Protocols
  • Durability and Usability

Certified Specialists

Technicians, Onsite & Remote Supervisors

SafeEx CaaS solution utilizes a global network of certified professionals to digitise your assets swiftly and efficiently, reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.
For urgent needs, our support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year


Initial Ex Inspection

SafeEx CaaS ensures a smooth transition from new building to operational status with:

RFID Tagging – Complete RFID tag installation for all Ex-equipment and association of RFID tags with equipment and locations.

Initial Ex-Inspection – First initial equipment inspection to ensure safety and functionality.

Digital Compliance Transition – Efficient handover of a fully operational digital inspection and maintenance platform, facilitating continuity from New building to Operations.

SAFEEX CLOUD Simplify your inspections and maintenance Ready to optimize your inspection and maintenance processes? Book a demo and we will shortly show you how SafeEx Cloud can benefit your business

Building a safer tomorrow

About SafeEx

SafeEx has since 2008 optimised Ex inspection & maintenance management primarily in the oil and gas industry. 

We believe that SafeEx Cloud is much more than a solution and we have the vision to building a safer tomorrow for your team. We have the vision to optimise the work environment for maintenance inspectors, supervisors and certified technicians worldwide. 

Book an intro call and we will shortly demonstrate how our solution can improve your operations.

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