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Digitalisation in Hazardous Areas

The future of Ex inspections is now – Do not get left behind

The hesitation is real – but so are the consequences. Discover the major concerns and benefits of digitalizing your Ex inspections and maintenance. Enhance safety, ensure compliance, reduce costs, and make faster, informed decisions with streamlined, secure digital solutions.

Concerns about digitalising

Change is never easy, especially when it involves overhauling established processes. The transition to digital Ex-inspections is no exception. Many companies are wrestling with:

Personal Barriers: Fears of the unknown, the learning curve, job security, and even data privacy.

Technical concerns: Worries about data breaches, system failures, compatibility with existing systems, and regulatory compliance.

Financial doubts: Upfront costs, potential vendor lock-in, and uncertainty about the return on investment.

Operational: Disruptions, employee acceptance, lack of customization, and managing data overload.

Accessibility issues: The digital divide and uneven access to technology.

But, tomorrow is here.

While these concerns are valid, ignoring the digital revolution is not an option.

The data explosion: The amount of data generated in industrial settings is growing exponentially. Manual processes simply cannot keep up with the analysis and insights needed for optimal safety and efficiency.

Regulatory tightening: Expect stricter documentation requirements for processes and outcomes. Digital tools make compliance far easier and less error-prone.

Competitive disadvantage: Companies embracing digital solutions are gaining an edge in cost savings, risk mitigation, and decision-making speed.

Why digitise your inspections?

Digital solutions streamline processes, reduce manual errors, and provide robust data protection. 

Compliance assurance: Digitalize your Ex inspections and maintenance to improve safety and efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and gain a competitive edge through cost savings and faster decision-making.

Work effeciency: The digital transformation of Ex-inspections is not about replacing humans; it is about empowering them with the tools to do their jobs better, faster, and safer.

Data quality: A digital maintenance solution allow you to instant reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling you to gain actionable insights from maintenance and inspection data, identify trends, and make informed decisions to optimize asset performance and safety.

Digitalise your maintenance today

SafeEx offers a comprehensive Ex-inspection solution tailored for the hazardous areas industry. 

Compliance assurance: SafeEx Cloud ensures safe, compliant, and cost-effective operations. 

User-friendly interface: Easy to learn, ensuring quick onboarding.

Strong security: Advanced data protection to keep your information safe.

Easy integration: Works with your existing systems, avoiding costly changes.

Proven savings & ROI: Clients often save 35-45% on manual inspection costs.

Continuous support: We are here to ensure a smooth transition and maximum ROI.

Case Studies

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Assessing the impact of SafeEx Cloud on safety, compliance, productivity, and cost onboard an FPSO

Case study

Maximising the efficiency of Serica Energy Ex maintenance operations by implementing SafeEx Cloud