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The SafeEx solution functions based on the following elements:

  • RFID tags, QR codes, and  barcodes
  • Mobile devices approved for Zone 1 and 2 (smartphones or tablets)
  • The SafeEx web system
Mobile Devices approved for Zone 1 and 2, and RFID tag

How does the SafeEx solution work?

The RFID tag that identifies the equipment is scanned with a mobile device. The equipment unit is recognized and appears on a GA layout drawing and on the mobile device. The technician is then able to access information and the required documentation for the unit and perform an inspection. After performing all of the tasks, it is required to synchronize the device with the web system (internet access required). The web system provides the management with an overview of the activities and a full audit trail of the inspection history. It also allows them to make changes and enables them to plan and assign maintenance and inspection tasks.

If you would like to experience the SafeEx software first-hand and get to know more about it, please request a free demo by contacting us.


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