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Senior App Developer

As a part of SafeEx you will play an important role in the development of and contribution to the continuous betterment of our inspection and maintenance software, SafeEx Cloud.

We support some of the largest corporations in business sectors such as Oil and Gas, Energy, Distilleries, and more. Enabling our users to do their jobs faster and more easily is what SafeEx Cloud is all about.

What you can expect working at SafeEx

You will be working at our main office at Gasværksvej 48, 9000 Aalborg. Learn more about SafeEx from our website and our LinkedIn profile.

How we imagine you

You are a naturally curious and helpful person who understands that answering questions, asking questions and knowing when there’s not enough information, is key to proper problem solving. You like input, but you don’t need to be told every single move to play in order to have a good game with the other players. 

You are as open-minded as you are confident that when you know something, you know it, and are ready to voice your concerns – you’re also not afraid of playing at a higher difficulty from time-to-time; you like a challenge after all. Just like life, you… eh…  find a way.

Professionally, you write well-documented, high-quality code in consideration of your co-workers, as well as product-effectiveness. You are experienced in developing with solid mobile frameworks and have the competence to tackle a software application with interesting complexities. 

Lastly, you have the technical- and communicational skills needed to be the frontrunner of a smaller team of developers.

Your role

Your manager will be our Solution Architect.

Required skills

Good to have

Not required but considered a bonus:

Apply as soon as possible!

Join us! Apply today and we promise you that you will be a part of something extraordinary!

Apply or inquire at

NOTE for headhunters/recruiting agencies: SafeEx respectfully discourages any and all marketing communication and does not respond to such if received anyway.

Send your application to:

Soonest possible, but your profile is more important than the exact date.

Company Description

SafeEx is an innovative and leading SaaS company specialising in inspection and maintenance software. The company is continuously growing with more exciting market opportunities. Our primary focus is providing solutions that enable our clients to succeed. Our core values of enthusiasm, accommodation, sincerity, commitment, creativity, and competence drive our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our work.

We are an international company with team members from various nationalities. Most of our team works at our main office at Gasværksvej 48, 9000 Aalborg.