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Mobile Field Devices

Operate easily and accurately

Approved for use in hazardous areas

Having the right tool is vital when performing inspection & maintenance, especially in Ex areas. SafeEx offers mobile field devices that allow you to ensure a successful operation and enhance safety. With the right mobile field devices technicians can carry out their tasks easily, accurately, and safely.

Main features

Collect data easily, accurately, and safely

Zone 1 & 2 Approved

Technicians can digitally and safely document their work even in hazardous areas. 

Built-in Camera

This feature allows technicians to take photos of equipment items and faults, which are automatically linked and displayed throughout SafeEx Cloud.

Communication Protocols

The built-in communication protocols enable technicians to easily scan equipment identifiers and connect with the team. It is equipped with Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, PTT, GPS, and more.

Durability & Usability

The devices are made with robust and powerful materials that can withstand extreme conditions. It is easy to hold and carry and can be operated with gloves. 

Start doing maintenance easily and accurately

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